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NCVER's Data Entry Tool is a free web–based software tool that allows smaller registered training organisations (RTOs) to capture client training data and produce AVETMISS compliant NAT files. Because data entry is manual, the tool is recommended for RTOs that serve around 100 or fewer clients per year. The Data Entry Tool is built for RTOs reporting to the National VET Provider Collection only.

If your RTO receives state funding and reports to a State Training Authority, the Data Entry Tool is not suitable for state-specific reporting requirements. The Data Entry Tool cannot produce a NAT10A or NAT30A file for AVETMISS Release 8.0 purposes.

Note: Under the National VET Data Policy (section 4.4 VET Data provision requirements for RTOs) – all RTOs must have an AVETMISS compliant student management system.


If you have any difficulties using DET, please fill out our contact form or email us at support@ncver.edu.au outlining the problem you are having and we will follow up.

For information/assistance please see the DET section on the AVETMISS Support for RTOs page on our website.

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